The Elixir Remixes – Kaya Project

June 22, 2013
By DesertDwellers

This release, in association with Interchill Records, provides the opportunity to re-imagine the tracks from the classic Kaya Project album ‘Elixir’. Including remixes from Banco De Gaia, Tripswitch, Desert Dwellers, Toires, Master Margherita, Indidginus, Mouldy Soul, Biotone, Digitalis, C23, Chaos By Design & Dubsahara.

First up is C23’s atmospheric dubstep reworking of ‘One God Dub’. Haunting zourna, flute & vocal effects are pushed along by a massive bass driven beat. Tripswitch takes it deep with his reworking of ’65 percent’, focusing on the tribal vocal hook from the original. Subliminal bass drums underpin the glitched-up synth cuts in this hypnotic rolling number. ‘Ghasi Ram Blues’ gets the Desert Dwellers treatment in a surprise 4/4 reworking. Tribal drums & shaker loops accompany the original vocals by Ghasi Ram. Mouldy Soul aka Richard Carrigan brings the Bass with his remix of the Kaya Project signature track ‘Harem Bizarre’. Natasha’s dreamy vocals get glitched & gated, pushed along by grooving congas and a crisp kick & snare combination. Toires makes a guest appearance with his remix of ‘Raag To Ragga’. Adding live guitar & drums to the vocal, tzoura & violin recordings from the original & replacing the dancehall beat with a head nodding infectious groove. Indidginus aka Michael Martin pushes ‘Dark Tabla’ into new realms with rude bwoy MC toasting & a tough dancehall beat transforming the track into a jump-up rocking number. Banco De Gaia aka Toby Marks utilises his recent forays into sonic experimentation with awesome results. A polyrhthymic major to minor arpeggio based chill out expedition, reminiscent of the golden years of the ambient movement. Master Margherita brings us the deepest cut of the album, with his remix of ‘Pachamama’. Hypnotic sub bass & deep techno tinged 4/4 beats roll along at a compelling 100 beats per minute in a way only Moreno knows how.

– This album also includes a previously unreleased version of Greg Hunters ‘One God Dub’ Dubsahara remix. Originally remixed by Greg for the compilation ‘Arcana’ on Interchill Records, this instrumental mix had never seen the light of day until now. A totally different take to his previously released version & one we are happy is finally making it’s sonic debut.

– Seb Taylor also provides 3 more remixes from his various projects, namely Biotone, Digitalis & Chaos by Design, providing us respectively with a 4/4 Electro-Tech remix of ‘Raag To Ragga’, a deep Drumstep reworking of ‘Harem Bizarre’ & a rolling Glitch Hop infused remix of ‘The Flow’.

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