Numatik – Enseñame

March 14, 2016
By DesertDwellers

“Enseñame” means ‘Teach Me’ in Spanish. This project is a benefit to help our friends to preserve the URGENTLY at-risk Cerro El Amay Primeval Cloud Forest in Guatemala. 100% of profits will be donated to the Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative. These songs are our prayers of gratitude and respect to the Earth today. May we remember her land as our own flesh and her forests as our own lungs. Through our music, may we hear her heartbeat.

1.Enseñame 04:50
2.Enseñame (Liquid Bloom Remix) 06:10
3.Enseñame (Kalya Scintilla’s Chill mix) 07:12

Original song, Enseñame was recorded & produced by Numatik
– Vocals – Written and sang by Natalia Clavier (from Thievery Corporation)
– Acoustic Guitar – David Brown (of Rising Appalachia)
– African Drums – Biko Casini (of Rising Appalachia)
– Percussion – Trey Crispen
– Vocal Mixing – Anthony Thogmartin

Enseñame – Liquid Bloom remix
– Alvin Young – Bass
– Ixchel Prisma – voice
– Rara Avis – voice
– Amani Friend – shakers, percussion, remix production

A special thanks to Dave Hamilton for recording Natalia’s vocals in a hotel room studio in NYC.

Art by Francis McKeon – Aeonic Art
Mastering by Shawn at Audible Oddities

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