Mose Robert – Flowing

A journey through movement and awareness, Flowing brings the natural rhythms of the organic world into the beat-steady realm of deep tribal house to create a sonic canvas primed for inner exploration. Woven with emotive vocal support, deep basslines and rich instrumentation, each track transports listeners to a unique landscape without ever severing its connection […]

Gaudi – In Between Times (remixes)

Globetrotting pioneer of Dub/Electronica, Gaudi has been winning over audiences around the planet with his eclectic style and versatility, his roof raising live performances and of course, through a series of excellent album releases. In 2013 he released, In Between Times, a Reggae/Dub/Electronica masterpiece with guest appearances from Black Uhuru’s Michael Rose, Lee “Scratch”Perry, The […]

Kaya Project – And So It Was

A Collection of fresh remixes for 2016 from a stellar cast of remixers including: GAUDI, DESERT DWELLERS, LUKE MANDALA, EVIL OIL MAN, DAVID STARFIRE, GUMI, ZEN BABOON, MASTER MARGHERITA, GNOMES OF KUSH, D-ECHO PROJECT, TOR,MA IN DUB, TRIPSWITCH, KUKAN DUB LAGAN, BWOY DE BHAJAN, MASHTI & POLYESTA. As a bonus on this bandcamp ‘special edition’ […]

Orcas Remixed Vol. 3 by Lulacruza

The electro-folk duo Lulacruza, comprised of Alejandra Ortiz and Luis Maurette, one Argentinian, the other Columbian, have carved out their own niche in the electronic music scene, blending earthy percussion and a wide spectrum of indigineous instruments with classical guitar licks and gorgeous vocals all atop delicate, downtempo electronic grooves. For more than a decade, […]

An-Ten-Nae – Someone Like You

Desert Dwellers Remix An-Ten-Nae’s Someone like you, and create that perfect soundtrack for those Sunset moments. FREE DOWNLOAD:

Numatik – Enseñame

“Enseñame” means ‘Teach Me’ in Spanish. This project is a benefit to help our friends to preserve the URGENTLY at-risk Cerro El Amay Primeval Cloud Forest in Guatemala. 100% of profits will be donated to the Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative. These songs are our prayers of gratitude and respect to the Earth today. May we […]

AtYyA – Remixes Vol I

Δ Remixes Vol1 Δ contains compositions from a variety of the West Coast’s most cutting edge bass music producers, ranging from established veterans to the freshest up-and-coming production talent. The roster features Desert Dwellers, Kaminanda, DRRTYWULVZ, Halfred, Hakuu, Cualli, Moon Frog, Nicefingers, Duffrey, & Soulular, the combination of which results in a sonic cauldron of […]

Seeing Things Remixes

With this latest release on Twisted Records, Desert Dwellers have teamed up with a highly dynamic & acclaimed group of international producers to remix one of their most cherished tracks “Seeing Things.” The result is an impressive offering of futuristic dubby beats, filled with deep pulsating bass & inextricable, extraterrestrial emissions. Hallucinatory realms await the […]

Luminous Axiom

The Desert Dwellers track ‘Luminous Axiom’ was first featured on the Sony (India) compilation “Worldy.” We are pleased to re-release the track on Desert Trax along with two remixes from a pair of cutting edge west coast producers, Sixis and Mumukshu. This is a special treat to have these two producers re-envision this track, with […]

Middle Peace Compilation (Various Artists)

No one knows when or where the next crisis will strike. But we do know that children are disproportionately affected in times of crisis- and often suffer most. In an age of armchair activism and Facebook shares, likes and temporary Facebook rage (usually expressed in a concise status friendly sentence), I’ve been called to action. […]