Seeing the Eye of God: Eclipse 2012

November 5, 2012
By DesertDwellers

Featuring Desert Dwellers tracks Seeing Things

About this Compilation Album ::: 13 years ago… with the impending galactic event of a major Solar Eclipse in the summer of ’99 on the horizon, Twisted Records released their first down-tempo compilation as a celebration of all things celestial. It was a tribute to the cosmic forces that astound us on a regular basis. Not only astrologically but also musically. This unique CD saw the release of the first epic Shpongle track and is attributed with kick starting the whole psybient movement thereafter. Now, in 2012, theoretically the most important year in the history of mankind, when our hopes and dreams will be realized and the whole nature of the human race will evolve into a new era, Twisted are proud to come full circle and bring you the latest installment of top quality offerings from the cream of the psychedelic movement, produced in conjunction with the Eclipse 2012 event in Australia.

Featuring the all of the most prolific heads from the last 20 years, this is a child of the universe, an offering to the cosmos of custom made, hand crafted vibrations, a special creation just for the occasion. Watch out for the old guard of Raja Ram, Simon Posford, Benji Vaughan, Eat Static, Younger Brother, Tristan, Dick Trevor, James Monro, Etnica, Atmos, System7 & Gus alongside some of the most talented artists working today such as Freq, Desert Dwellers, Flowjob, Switchbox, 100th Monkey, Tecnica & Paddy Free.
Sun and Moon, Old and New, aligning to usher in a new chapter in the history of psychedelia.

Wahat Khasiba

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DD x Threyda Reversible Hoodies

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