Deya Dova Remixed

April 26, 2011
By DesertDwellers

An explosive omnibus of remixes served up by 14 cutting edge artists from around the globe. The release includes Progressive House, Minimal Tech, Dubstep, Tech House, Trance, World Breaks + Chill remixes of tracks from Deya Dova’s album BURST.

DEYA DOVA REMIXED features epic trax from electronic legend JUNO REACTOR (Metropolis/UK), ANTIX (Iboga/NZ), SWITCHBOX (PlastikPark/Germany), AN-TEN-NAE (MutiMusic/USA), JAMES MONRO (FlyingRhino/Brazil), NYQUIST + NIKKO (Iboga/AUS), ADHAM SHAIKH (Interchill/Canada), DESERT DWELLERS (DesertTrax/USA), MANTRIX (SubLable/AUS), PEACE DATA (KisstheSound/Russia/UK),DAVE BASEK (JunkBeats/AUS) TIJUANA CARTEL(AUS) + KALYA SCINTILLA (Up/AUS).

DD x Threyda Reversible Hoodies

Announcing 2 new Desert Dwellers reversible hoodies. We’ve been working with Threyda (an art gallery and collective in Denver, CO) on something we think is going to blow your mind. Threyda is most well known for featuring psychedelic inspired prints and paintings – but they are also known for some really unique apparel as well. […]

Desert Dwellers feat Paul Stamets - One Giant Consciousness

One Giant Consciousness

We are thrilled to be a part of this amazing “Fantastic Fungi: Reimagineā€ album, inspired by the documentary Fantastic Fungi, and featuring Paul Stamets. Proceeds of the album support important work around the healing benefits of mushrooms. The film and this music project were created through the coming together of the mycelial network. Please consider […]