Remixed Part 3 EP

October 25, 2010
By DesertDwellers

1. Moonlit Horizons (David Starfire Remix)

First up is David Starfire, a producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. His production style is eclectic, fusing world music with dance and hip hop and everything in between. He’s developed quite a following and his unique sound is catching the ears of music fans across the globe. David picked “Moonlit Horizons” to remix and it is everything we expected and more. The bassline is dirty and wobbly, the use of our ethnic sounds done so tastefully and a groove that will take a dance floor to the next level.

2. Crossing the Desert (Sattva Ananda Remix)

Next up we have Santa Fe, New Mexico’s Sattva Ananda. Sattva found dubstep after a long time love of dub and electronic music. He has been involved in the rave and electronic music world since the early 90s and writing music from 1997 till the present. Honored and excited to work with Desert Dwellers, he entered into this remix project with love and the intention of creating a trance inducing soundscape. Well when we heard the remix, we couldn’t stop dancing to it and every time we play it, people get down! Its dubstep, but its not. Its psychedelic, its got mean growling wobbly bass, but it doesn’t sound like the other dubstep you hear out there. It’s unique, yet it fits right in.

3. Bodhi Tree Dub (Amani’s Desert Freak mix)

To cap off the EP, Desert Dwellers co-founder Amani gives us a new look at “Bodhi Tree Dub”. Amani is a pioneer in weaving world traditions within modern electronic music styles. He has been blending dub, electronica, and world music in his productions since the early ’90s and has released countless albums, eps, and remixes under many various aliases. This remix showcases all of this in one track. With a very dubstep like bass, psychedelic atmospheres and tasteful use of Indian instruments, this mix can fit into a dubstep set just as easily as a downtempo set.

Wahat Khasiba

For many years now it’s been a dream and goal of ours to have a track on the legendary label Sol Selectas Records and finally we see the dream come true! Our new track “Wahat Khasiba” is part of this years Summer Sol VIII compilation and is in amazing company too with artists like label […]

DD x Threyda Reversible Hoodies

Announcing 2 new Desert Dwellers reversible hoodies. We’ve been working with Threyda (an art gallery and collective in Denver, CO) on something we think is going to blow your mind. Threyda is most well known for featuring psychedelic inspired prints and paintings – but they are also known for some really unique apparel as well. […]