GlobeSonic Yoga Lounge

Globe Sonic Yoga Lounge

Music in yoga has come a long way from traditional kirtan to the modernization of kirtan and Indian music. Yoga Lounge pulls together the best of both worlds — and beyond. Music in the yoga world is spirited and heart opening. Through the discriminating and well-traveled ear of GlobeSonic DJ Alsultany, Yoga Lounge demonstrates that […]

David Starfire Remixes vol 2

David Starfire Bollyhood Bass remixes vol2

Featuring Desert Dwellers uptempo remix of SitarFire

Deya Dova Remixed

Deya Dova Remixed

An explosive omnibus of remixes served up by 14 cutting edge artists from around the globe. The release includes Progressive House, Minimal Tech, Dubstep, Tech House, Trance, World Breaks + Chill remixes of tracks from Deya Dova’s album BURST. DEYA DOVA REMIXED features epic trax from electronic legend JUNO REACTOR (Metropolis/UK), ANTIX (Iboga/NZ), SWITCHBOX (PlastikPark/Germany), […]

Donna De Lory Remixes

Donna De Lory Remixes

Donna De Lory¹s timelessly evocative voice winds beguilingly through the deep textures and chilled-out grooves of contemporary electronica on her new album, simply titled Remixes. The disc finds the award-winning devotional pop singer partnering with cutting-edge remix artists like trance and downtempo luminaries Rara Avis, Desert Dwellers, Atom Smith and Eastern Sun, as well as […]

Laya Project Remixed - A New Day

A New Day – Laya Project Remixed

A New Day: Laya Project Remixed double-CD by Laya Project features remixes by top DJs including Nickodemus, EarthRise SoundSystem, Shaman’s Dream and the Bhakti Brothers featuring MC Yogi. With its stunning images and music, Laya Project captured not just the ears and hearts of music lovers around the world. It also sparked the imaginations of […]

Deva Lounge Remixed

Deva Sonic Vol 2 Yoga Beats EP

Top sound scientists apply their artistry to these classics by mantra enchantress Deva Premal, matching forward-thinking ethereal beats to her heavenly vocals — the perfect accompaniment to your movement meditation. Volume 2 of DevaSonic — Yoga Beats — collects four pieces ideal for yoga practice and puts them in the able hands of Cheb i […]

Deep Forest Remixed

Deep Forest’s Sweet Lullaby Remixed

Fifteen years after the Sweet Lullaby’s debut it remains popular in it’s many reincarnations. In 2007 Canadian based Existence Records is paying tribute to this now classic ethno-electronic hit with sixteen new remixes from over a dozen Djs around the world. The Existence remixes are available online as of February 26th, and can initially be […]