Floating Away – Origin & PheuZen

Floating Away, embodies it’s namesake in all elements, from the lush and softly textured sound design, the gentle rhythmic beat and the warm bass that it all sits on, to the ethereal vocal performance by Onyay Pheori that could easily compliment a David Lynch sort of Twin Peaks moment and the ever talented HÄANA on […]

Whispers of Our Ancestors – by Liquid Bloom

“Whispers of Our Ancestors” was a track that originally dropped on the first Liquid Bloom album Shaman’s Eye in 2006, featuring Sarah West’s ethereal vocals and Robert Mirabal’s native Taos Flutes. This deep and mysterious soundscape has now been reimagined into a kaleidoscope of grooves and textures, remixed by some of the top talent from […]

ReGen: Drumspyder Remixes – by Liquid Bloom

The next installment in the Liquid Bloom Re:Generations series comes courtesy of Bay Area percussionist Scott Sterling. A longtime collaborator of Desert Dwellers, and staple in the psychedelic and global bass scene, Drumspyder brings a rich, acoustic warmth and depth to his remixes with layers of percussive snap that makes you feel like you’re right […]

ReGen: Mose Remixes – by Liquid Bloom

Re.Generations, an instant classic from Liquid Bloom, is the gift that keeps on giving. First AtYyA took on its lush instrumentation, then an all-star cast tackled the tracks for the Lucid Remixes. Now, Mose (fka Mose Robert), applies his unique deep tribal-house sensibilities to these nine compositions. Mose has been producing and performing primarily in […]

ReGen: Lucid Remixes – by Liquid Bloom

For Amani Friend and his Liquid Bloom project, the Re:Generations mixes are a gift that keeps on giving. First remixed by AtYyA, who took on the entire album by himself, now an all-star cast of subsonic wizards from around the globe are putting their own spin on these intoxicating tunes. Stars of the psychedelic world […]

ReGen: ATYYA Remixes – by Liquid Bloom

In early 2017, Amani Friend re-envisioned selections from his rich Liquid Bloom catalog to deliver new downtempo compositions into a contemporary electronic space. Subsequent to that Re.Generations release, Canadian producer AtYyA selected seven of the album’s tracks to put his own spin on them. Crafting whole new worlds around Liquid Bloom collaborators Poranguí, Deya Dova, […]

Re:Generations by Liquid Bloom

With Re.Generations, producer Amani Friend re-envisions his music in a fresh immersive experience of spiritual wanderlust. The album dances the listener across eclectic soundscapes, drawing on Peruvian ritual songs, cello, Armenian Duduk, Spanish flavor, classical stylings, nature sounds, and lyrical meditative guidance. Innovative collaborations with artists Poranguí, Deya Dova, Arsen Petrosyan, Ixchel Prisma, Rara Avis, […]

Numatik – Enseñame

“Enseñame” means ‘Teach Me’ in Spanish. This project is a benefit to help our friends to preserve the URGENTLY at-risk Cerro El Amay Primeval Cloud Forest in Guatemala. 100% of profits will be donated to the Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative. These songs are our prayers of gratitude and respect to the Earth today. May we […]

Heart of the Shamans by Liquid Bloom

Heart of the Shamans CD by Liquid Bloom with Amani Friend and Rara Avis, Robert Mirabal, and vocalists Ixchel Prisma and Sarah West, offers shamanic music with global rhythms, nature sounds and evocative vocals for healing music and yoga instrumental music. Heart of the Shamans was conceived as a sonic prayer, a lovingly-crafted ritual transport […]

Face of Love by Liquid Bloom

Amani Friend (of Desert Dwellers) and Rara Avis collaborated together on the production of this album, along with such artists as Native American flute maestro Robert Mirabal and vocalist Sarah West, composing a multi-layered mosaic that includes overtone chanting, ethereal singing, shamanic invocations and natural atmospheres. In 2012, Amani met sacred performance artist Ixchel Prisma, […]