Desert Selection compiled by TMT

Desert Selections – Compiled by T.M.T.

Iboga Records presents another smashing release in the set series.Set:9 Desert selections is compiled by Iboga label DJ Treavor Moontribe from America. Treavor has carefully selected a list of super delicious tracks with a broad spectrum, just as you can expect on a set release from Iboga records. Treavor himself is present with his Desert […]

Mantras in Motion

Mantras in Motion

Compiled & Mixed by Leigh Wood – Mantras in Motion brings together the modern and the ancient. Blending modern day sounds with the ancient wisdom of the mantra. Compiled and mixed by One World Music’s Internationally renowned DJ Leigh Wood this amazing 76 minute journey will take you through a plethora of emotions wrapped up […]

Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface – Compiled by Bluetech

This compilation represent a foray into deeper and more delicate ambient structures. Atmospheres are allowed to evolve, textures wind quietly through the background, and inteligent electronics establish icey and foreign structures for your imagination to inhabit. Native State Records was an independent West Coast ambient and downtempo label specializing in unique and vibrant electronica. Started […]

Left Coast Liquid

Left Coast Liquid volume 1

Establishing a reputation internationally in the electronic scene for cutting edge soundscapes and dancefloor friendly electronic music, he created the label to identify and promote unique and vibrant sounds coming out of that region alongside work from producers in other countries. Left Coast Liquid Vol. 1 is a lush and dynamic compilation exploring the tranquil […]

Groove Closet – Ball of Waxx

A downtempo classic! Featuring the original version of Point of Awakening Direct with avant funk and heady lullabies, “Groove Closet” illuminates and motivates delivering sensuous beats, rumbling bass and electro jazz that will make your skeletons dance! Ball of Waxx delivers the stone, chill, groove mixed with an exquisite blend of ethnic flavored ambience and […]