April 26, 2019
By DesertDwellers

Drawing listeners into the sensuous atmospheres and windswept sounds of nomadic world-fusion, Breath is the fourth elemental entry in the electro-mystical odyssey that is Desert Dwellers’ iconic Downtemple Dub collection. A caravan of musical heritage that infuses the open energy of slow house grooves and tribal rhythms with the evocative beauty of global folk melodies, this sonic odyssey is an exotic exploration of hypnotic vocals, seductive instrumentation, and stirring psychedelic progressions. Bridging the ambient serenity of a deep meditation with the indulgent motion of ecstatic dance, Breath manifests as a soothing breeze in one moment and a whirling tempest in the next.

Continuing in the spirit of cultural celebration pioneered by Desert Dwellers producers Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, Breath weaves visionary sounds from around the world into a musical tapestry highlighted by contributions from multilingual lyricist Meagan Chandler, Middle Eastern vocalist Ricadin, Madi Sato, and Darpan. Enriched by imaginative instrumentals from Drumspyder, HÄANA, Lynda Arnold, Paul Livingstone, and a range of other musical virtuosos, Breath is a dance across language and sound that calls attention to the universal power of music to dissolve the borders and boundaries of modern culture.

Desert Dwellers - Breath - Booklet

All Tracks Produced by Amani Friend & Treavor Moontribe
Mixing by Justin Gariano (TreeHaus Recording)
Mastering by Gregor Zemlijic (GZ Mastering)
Graphic Design by Gonzalo Rescalvo
Artwork by Javiera Estrada

01 “Praise Her, The Fire Keeper”
Meagan Chandler – Gaelic Vocals
Lynda Arnold – Flute
HÄANA – Violin

02 “Dreams Within A Dream”
Meagan Chandler – Spanish Vocals
Joaquin Gallegos – Flamenco Guitar
Afshin Sadeghi – Santur
Lynda Arnold – Flute

03 “Traversing the Endless Road”
Ricardin – Persian Vocals
Meagan Chandler – Vocals
Māh-Ze-Tār – Oud, Dilruba, Ney
Drumspyder – Mid East Percussion

04 “Closed Eyes In A Dust Storm”
Nicolle Jensen – Mantra Vocals
Paul Livingstone – Sitar
Rara Avis – Guitar
Si Mullumby – Flute

05 “One That Shows The Way”
Meagan Chandler – Mantra Vocals
Pandit Birju Maharaj – Male Vocals
Jesse Hendricks – Flute

06 “At Last, Our Refuge”
Meagan Chandler – Arabic Vocals
Lynda Arnold – Flute
Si Mullumby – Guitar

07 “To Be The Air”
Meagan Chandler – Spanish Vocals
Lynda Arnold – Flute, Piano
Gayan – Percussion

08 “Longing For Home”
Madi Sato – Japanese Vocals
Dan Root Flute – Shakuhachi
Koji Nakamura – Taiko Drums

09 “Realms Of Splendor”
Meagan Chandler – Welsh Vocals
Simon Posford – Chanting
HÄANA – Violin
Erothyme – Whale recording

10 “Breathing The Mysteries”
Lynda Arnold – Swarmandal
Darpan – English Spoken Word

All rights to the master recording licensed exclusively to Black Swan Sounds
© Desert Dwellers 2019

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