Desert Trax, is truly honored to present a fresh release of totemic transmissions showcasing the talents of the young Australian producer Whitebear. This latest release, “Union: Whitebear Remixes,” features two distinct reinterpretations; the first remix is akin to his squishy, midtempo grooves and sacred bass. The multiethnic instrumentation that is implemented will captivate any listener, without taking away focus from the rest of the song. Be it originals or remixes, Whitebear meticulously builds each composition to have incomparable balance, and a highly distinguished pulsation of bass and laser textures. Whitebear’s trademark, syncopated tribal percussion is layered and is in the foreground, forging Desert Dwellers’ “Union” as a most timeless bond.

The second remix, is intended for galactic Glitch travelers. Wobbling bass, arcane voices and phonic prisms of Psychedelia are the foundation of this sound sculpture. Dubbed “Psyborglitch,” Whitebear certainly delivers a tune with unrivaled precision that only an alchemical automaton could ever conduct or replicate. As the beat breaks and crumbles, the intensity and danceability does not fade whatsoever. In fact, as the song progresses, the dance floor is sure to roar and howl for more future aboriginal musings, such as these.