11/16/18 Seattle. Washington    US
Nectar Lounge
8:00pm   /   $20.00   /   No Minors
Desert Dwellers return to Nectar with SaQi and Yaima.
INFO: (206) 632-2020

11/17/18 Bellingham. Washington    US
Wild Buffalo
9:00pm   /   $17.00   /   No Minors
Desert Dwellers return to Wild Buffalo with SaQi.
INFO: (360) 746-8733

11/23/18 Courtenay. British Columbia    CA
Native Sons Hall
8:00pm   /   $20.00   /   No Minors
AMANI performs a solo Desert Dwellers set in Courtenay, British Columbia.
INFO: +1 250-338-1000

11/24/18 Vancouver. British Columbia    CA
Rickshaw Theatre
8:30pm   /   $25.00   /   No Minors
Desert Dwellers are back in Vancouver with Kaminanda.
INFO: +1 604-681-8915

11/30/18 Portland. Oregon    CA
Bossanova Ballroom
9:00pm   /   $25.00   /   No Minors
Rose Entertainment brings back Desert Dwellers to take on Bossanova Ballroom with Whitebear and BogTroTTer.
INFO: (503) 206-7630

12/20/18 - 12/23/18 El Remate. Peten    GT
Mayan Heart Festival
10:00pm   /   $195.00   /   All Ages
On the Solstice/Full Moon conjunction of Friday, December 21st, 2018, they will join with Indigenous peoples from each continent of this Earth, as we focus our collective intention of Earth liberation, into an ANCIENT Maya Fire ceremony in the center of the main plaza in Tikal… completing the Cycle started 5,000 years ago in Tikal.