12/09/18 - 12/16/18 Penataran. Bali    ID
Ecstatic Awakening Bali
1:00pm   /   €995   /  
Desert Dwellers return to Bali for another Ecstatic Awakening Retreat.
INFO: 80582

12/20/18 - 12/23/18 El Remate. Peten    GT
Mayan Heart Festival
10:00pm   /   $195.00   /   All Ages
On the Solstice/Full Moon conjunction of Friday, December 21st, 2018, they will join with Indigenous peoples from each continent of this Earth, as we focus our collective intention of Earth liberation, into an ANCIENT Maya Fire ceremony in the center of the main plaza in Tikal… completing the Cycle started 5,000 years ago in Tikal.

12/29/18 - 01/01/19 Atitlán. Solola    GT
Cosmic Convergence
10:00am   /   $180.00   /  
Desert Dwellers will ring in another New Year in Guatemala at Cosmic Convergence.

01/09/19 Frisco. Colorado    US
9:00pm   /   $199.00   /  
Desert Dwellers join Emancipator Ensemble for the opening night of skiDM.

01/12/19 Denver. Colorado    US
Ogden Theatre
9:00pm   /   $22.00   /   All Ages/Licensed
Cosmic Synergy presents Desert Dwellers, Bluetech, Living Light and a special surprise guest alongside mind-blowing visuals from Pickles & b1n4ry.
INFO: 1-888-9-AXS-TIX

01/30/19 - 02/06/19 Takaka Hill. Nelson    NZ
Luminate Festival
12:00pm   /   $345   /  
Desert Dwellers return to Luminate Festival in New Zealand.

02/09/19 - 02/10/19 Brunswick East. Victoria    AU
Where The Wild Things Are
12:00pm   /   $70.00   /  
Desert Dwellers headline Where The Wild Things Are Festival in VIC

02/15/19 - 02/18/19 Peak Crossing. Queensland    AU
Earth Frequency Festival
9:00am   /   $340.00   /  
Desert Dwellers return to Earth Frequency Festival in Queensland.

02/22/19 Vagator. Goa    IN
Chill Top Festival
12:00pm   /     /  
Desert Dwellers are back in Goa for festival of chill sounds.

06/13/19 - 06/18/19 A Field in the Woods. England    UK
Anthropos Festival
9:00am   /   £88   /  
Desert Dwellers make their festival debut at Anthropos in the United Kingdom.