Embrace the One, Temple Step’s first Ep is a seamless journey through global electronic music. It incorporates musicians, Avishai Barnatan (Flute, Vocals) Darpan (Spoken Word, Over/Under Tones) Shai Shiriki (Oud, Vocals and Guitar) and Laura Taggart (Violin and Vocals), Amir Paiss (Santoor, Vocals) and Zorrian (Channeled Light Language). With these amazing musicians, Temple Step weaves his magical electronic/acoustic production skills to create a future tech, shamanic journey like no other.

1) Truth and Grace
2) Embrace The One
3) Distant Temple
4) Heart of the Whole
5) Distant Temple (Kalya Scintilla Remix)
6) Desert Dwellers – New Generation (Temple Step Project Remix)

Temple Step Project’s intention is to bring the vibration of sacred ceremony to the dance floor via sacred bass music. Dubstep and Glitch Hop meets Middle Eastern and Shamanic, Spiritual Music. Stomping beats and whomping bass meet acoustic instrumental melodies, spoken words, chants and overtones. Progressive synthesizers merge seamlessly with flutes, violins and oud. The Temple Step Project brings a unique blend of future tech music with an uplifting and healing vibration, a sense of the sacred and a depth like nothing before it

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Website: www.TempleStepProject.com

Art work by Mugwort www.mugwortdesigns.com