Various Artists – Spirit of La Selva – featuring the tracks Seeing Things by Desert Dwellers.

Tipper, Desert Dwellers, ill-esha, Govinda and other influential electronic producers join forces with Critical Beats in a new release compiled by Bluetech, inviting music fans to take action to preserve our most important environmental resource. As always, 100% of music sales go to support the cultural and environmental health of the Amazon Rainforest, which in-turn supports global health. Dubbed the lungs of our planet, the Amazon is key to Earth’s ecosystem and preserving it is the most effective way to contribute to climate stability.

For this campaign, we are directing music sales to The non-profit is working with villagers in the Ecuadorian Amazon to create a media center capable of sharing indigenous wisdom and environmental needs with the world. Currently, 250,000 hectares of pristine rainforest is threatened by large-scale mining efforts. Buy purchasing “Spirit of La Selva” you empower indigenous caretakers to share their knowledge and concerns, regarding the future of their ancestral homelands.