Raver Rafting Feature: “Desert Dwellers Reveal Full Length Album, Breath” (2019)

With a deliberate and unhinged spiritual wim, Desert Dwellers drop the impeccable Breath album with plenty of songs to love, many of them seven to nine lyrics in length. Music makes us feel, and for some in dance music that means some much more. Breath captures this spiritual essence that music can deliver through the lens of culturally relevant electronic music. The end result is something worth returning to time and time again and a special token marking what it means to be close with music.

Desert Dwellers worked with over twenty vocalist and instrumentalist to create their work, one of their goals being for their music to bridge the gap between ambient serenity and deep meditation. Founding members Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe understand and seemingly feed off the enchantment the west can provide in the United States, the two being from California and New Mexico respectively. Something tells me Desert Dwellers are just warming up in 2019, keep an eye on their socials for more new music and content soon.

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