Reality Sandwich Feature: “Desert Dwellers’ new album ‘Breath’ debuts at #1 on Beatport!” (2019)

In recent years, Desert Dwellers has become a revered and highly respected festival act, gracing the stage of some of the world’s best festivals such as Shambhala, Lightning in a Bottle, BOOM in Portugal and Rainbow Serpent in Australia. Their unique global sounds are a bridge between worlds and their label Desert Trax has become a platform to spotlight similar alchemical artists. The duo just released their newest album Breath on independent label Black Swan Sounds. The album merges together the gap between the ambient serenity of deep meditation with the indulgent motion of ecstatic dance. Breath is an amalgamation of Middle Eastern influences replete with lush temporal sounds, hypnotic rhythms, and tribal house beats. The album, which debuted at #1 on the Beatport electronica chart, masterfully fuses together global folk melodies, ethereal vocals, seductive instrumentation, and stirring psychedelic progressions. A caravan of rich musical heritage, Breath is part of the fourth element in the Desert Dwellers continuing DownTemple Dub series, Air.

“We’ve been in support of Desert Dwellers for many years, even before the release of the film ‘Electronic Awakening’ in 2011, where their music is featured. It’s great to see them get the recognition they so deserve, especially since they work so hard on touring, finding new talent for their music label, and cranking out amazing DJ sets/original music on their solo projects.” – Julian Reyes / Keyframe-Entertainment

Breath has the keen ability to go from soothing in one moment to a whirling tempest in the next. Featuring over 20 diverse vocalists and instrumentalists, the cinematic masterpiece was a three-year in the making journey of the heart, mind, body, and spirit. From the dark and enigmatic “Breathing The Mysteries” to the vibrant, world infused “Traversing The Endless Road,” Desert Dwellers proves their keen musicality and malleability across this captivating ten-track album, which features a myriad of languages and ethnic flavors. Desert Dwellers is currently touring internationally in support of Breath, an album celebrating the culmination of two decades of partnership between Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, who first met in the late ‘90s through the legendary Moontribe Gatherings. Desert Dwellers will open for Shpongle at Red Rocks on 5/3 and 5/4, which they will then follow up with an epic performance at The Do LaB’s Lightning in a Bottle Festival, taking place in Bakersfield, CA from May 9th through 13th.

“The album is a true team effort. We wanted to focus on the voice, so we started to record folk songs from antiquity in as many different languages as we could with our main singer Meagan Chandler. Our aim was to fully explore the downtempo/slow house genre over the course of the album, which is bookended by two ambient pieces. We also wanted the album to have as much of an organic feel as possible and ended up incorporating 19 guest musicians in the project.” –Desert Dwellers

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