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Newest Additions:

Great Mystery Remixes Part 2
Great Mystery Remixes Part 1
The Great Mystery
Luminous Axiom
Vajra Mind – Meditative Soundscapes
Union – Whitebear Remixes
Seeing Things
Seeing Things Remixes
Dive into Forever EP (FREE)
Night Visions: Desert Dwellers Selected Remixes
Liquid Bloom - Heart of the Shamans Cover
Heart of the Shamans (~*~) Liquid Bloom

DownTemple Dub:

DownTemple Dub: Lost Grooves
DowTemple Dub: Lost Grooves
DownTemple Dub: Lost Mixes
DownTemple Dub: Lost Mixes
DownTemple Dub: Roots
DownTemple Dub: Roots
DownTemple Dub: Flames
DownTemple Dub: Waves
DownTemple Dub: Waves

Yoga Dub:

Anahata Yoga Dub
Muladhara Yoga Dub
Muladhara Yoga Dub
Satori Yoga Dub + alt mixes
Asudha Yoga Dub
Asudha Yoga Dub
Jala Yoga Flow Mix

Related Projects:

Fields of Variance Remixed EP
Fields of Variance Remixes
Step Deep EP
Variant Field – Step Deep
Mindscapes EP
Variant Field – Mindscapes
Shaman's Eye
Shaman’s Eye ((~*~)) Liquid Bloom
Amani vs Teapot - The Classics
Amani vs Teapot – The Classics

Desert Trax:

Critters + bonus tracks
Spaces Between EP
Spaces Between EP
Acid Trip / Do Di Doh Di
Acid Trip / Do Di Doh Di
Spinning out of Nothingness EP
Spinning out of Nothingness EP
My Tribe EP
My Tribe EP
Raga Saga
Raga Saga (Single)
The Sacrament (Single)
Silk House EP
Silk House EP
A Little Spice EP

DD Remixed:

The Gathering Remixes
Nomadic Ecstatic: The Wandering Remixes vol 2
Nomadic Ecstatic: The Wandering Remixes vol 1
Recalibrated Vol. 2
Far From Here remixes (Black Swan Sounds)
embrace the one - temple step project
Temple Step Project – Embrace the One ep
Drumspyder Remixes
Drumspyder Remixes EP
Luke Mandala Remixes
Luke Mandala Remixes EP
Recalibrated Vol. 1
DownTemple Dub: Remixed
DownTemple Dub: Remixed
Remixed Part 3
Remixed Part 3 EP
Remixed Part 2
Remixed Part 2 EP
Remixed Part 1
Remixed Part 1 EP
Stratosphere EP
Back to the Dreamtime
Back to the Dreamtime EP

DD Remixes:

Numatik – EnseƱame
Orcas Remixed Vol. 3 by Lulacruza
Kaya Project – And So It Was
Middle Peace
Middle Peace Compilation (Various Artists)
Smoke Sign – The Ritual Vol 2
I_alone_final_full_res 1500x1500-3
Temple Step Project – I Alone
Banco de Gaia - Ollopa
Ollopa: Apollo Remixed
Buddha Bass
Buddha Bass Remixes
Elixir Remixes
The Elixir Remixes – Kaya Project
Reconfigured – Bird of Prey Remixes
Refractions vol2
Refractions Vol 2
Kalya Scintilla Remixed
Kalya Scintilla Remixed
GlobeSonic Yoga Lounge
Globe Sonic Yoga Lounge
Kundalini Remixes
Kundalini Remix Yoga Mantras Revisited
David Starfire Remixes vol 2
David Starfire Bollyhood Bass remixes vol2
Deya Dova Remixed
Deya Dova Remixed
Donna De Lory Remixes
Donna De Lory Remixes
Laya Project Remixed - A New Day
A New Day – Laya Project Remixed
Deva Lounge Remixed
Deva Sonic Vol 2 Yoga Beats EP
Minimoon Remixes
Lunar Sound – Minimoon Remixes
Good Times Remixes
Even More Good Times Remixes
Rara Avis Medicine Remix
Rara Avis – Medicine Remixes
Deep Forest Remixed
Deep Forest’s Sweet Lullaby Remixed
head in the clouds remix
Seed – Head in the Clouds
Phokus The Sleeper Remix
Phokus – The Sleeper
Omnis Remixes
Liquid Love ep
Omnis Remixes
Unforgettable Time Remixes
Omnis Remixes
Minimum Love Remixes


Gratifly Heart Collection Volume 1
Re:Creation vol 1
Re:Creation Vol. 1
Resonant Heart
Resonant Heart comp on Merkaba Music
Yoga Beat - Conscious Hip Hip and Organic Electronica from Black Swan (2012)
Yoga Beat from Black Swan
Eclipse 2012 - Following the Eye of God
Seeing the Eye of God: Eclipse 2012
Spirit of La Selva
Spirit of La Selva – Compiled by Bluetech
Kumharas 7 - Ibiza Sunset Ambient
Kumharas 7 – Ibiza Sunset Ambient
Chilling Cuts vol 4
Chilling Cuts vol 4 – Compiled by Sundial Aeon
Six Degrees of the Middle East
Six Degrees of MIddle East
Chime – Ball of Waxx
Desert Selection compiled by TMT
Desert Selections – Compiled by T.M.T.
Mantras in Motion
Mantras in Motion
Beneath the Surface
Beneath the Surface – Compiled by Bluetech
Left Coast Liquid
Left Coast Liquid volume 1
Groove Closet
Groove Closet – Ball of Waxx

Desert Dwellers