Muladhara Yoga Dub Is an East Indian infused offering from Desert Dwellers, produced by Amani Friend. This album if filled with chilled out, ethnic, and dub inspired grooves, and is a musical offering that truly keeps to the Desert Dwellers credo: sensual downtempo soundscapes that successfully span genres, time periods, and cultures to create a broad, rich tapestry of tasteful grooves. These tracks are produced in a way to perfectly accompany an upbeat Vinyasa yoga class, but can just as easily be used in a diverse range of wellness practices and other soulful experiences or for just chilling out after hours. The Desert Dwellers’ escapades into redefining what’s possible in the realm of yoga music has been part of their mission for many years. Since 2005, they have been writing a fusion of world music and electronic music for some of the world’s most gifted yoga instructors; filling their yoga DVD’s with deep grooves, rich bass lines and evocative melodies. This release also features production assistance from Rara Avis and Craig Kohland of Shaman’s Dream.