With over 14 years experience mixing dance music live, organizing events, and running large sound systems, Luke has gained experience with a large variety of dance floors around the world. With Luke’s transformative and dynamic DJ/Live sets, depending on crowd you may encounter elements of underground techno, tribal, tech house, progressive, breaks, slower tempo bass music, dub, funk, etc. Utilizing his intuitive sensitivity to emotional atmosphere and the crowds current groove, Luke’s sets are geared toward an empathic and warmly affectionate journey to a place of body movement, inspiration, unification, and play. Luke has released some of his past chill-out and bass music influenced dance music under the moniker “Tingly”. His music has flown him around the world to various countries and for many years he has been performing at large scale main stages including multiple Oracle Gatherings, Zuvuya III (Palenque, Mexico), Esthetic Evolution, multiple Fire Festivals, Moontribe L.A., North West Earthdance Festivals, and many more. Luke owned and teched a large 20,000 watt Turbosound sound system and 40-foot veggie-oil touring bus from 2005-2008 for the main stages at an Oracle Gathering, Emergency Festival, Goa Gill in California and Oregon, etc. He has organized over 60 bi-monthly full scale dance events almost constantly since 2003 all around the North West of the United States and in other countries while traveling. Luke’s love and passion for the healing dance music scene will be present for many years to come.