Music in yoga has come a long way from traditional kirtan to the modernization of kirtan and Indian music. Yoga Lounge pulls together the best of both worlds — and beyond.

Music in the yoga world is spirited and heart opening. Through the discriminating and well-traveled ear of GlobeSonic DJ Alsultany, Yoga Lounge demonstrates that it can also be super hip — and hip shaking. This is a far cry from any cliched notion of New Age music. It is the modernization of tradition. It is the sound you hear in yoga studios throughout the world in this modern era. Yoga Lounge is the bringing together of the ancient and the modern, it is the soundtrack of spirited vitality and connectivity. It is the soundtrack of a culture happening right now. It is kirtan, it is indian electronica, it is world music and beyond. It is the celebration of coming together in asana — off the mat and onto the dance floor.