Desert Dwellers is excited to bring you another sonic adventure into the realms of middle eastern grooves amidst mystical and sensual vocals and instruments from around the world, on the new 2 track ep called Drumspyder Remixes. The signature sound of this ongoing collaboration between Drumspyder and Desert Dwellers has resulted in many great remixes over the past couple years, and this next offering is sure to make an impact to their devoted listeners ranging from belly dancers to festival nomads and vinyasa flow yogis. This ep remixes two Desert Dwellers tracks called Spirit From the Dreamtime and Shiva Nataraj.

1. Spirit from the Dreamtime is a cross- cultural desert jam where things get deep and transportive … featuring Didgeridoo, North African percussion, and funky- womp bass lines to get things moving; then the listener is called to the dreamtime by atmospheric voices and textures, before being brought back to the ecstatic dance by the driving percussion and Arabic-style melodies.

2. Shiva Nataraj – Evoking the image of dancing Shiva, Drumspyder also lays percussive arabesques and serpentine synth lines over a booming 808 foundation on Shiva Nataraj. Fusing elements of dubstep and trap with
spacious and sensual vocals, this track will appeal equally to the tribal belly-dancer and the globally-oriented DJ.