Fifteen years after the Sweet Lullaby’s debut it remains popular in it’s many reincarnations. In 2007 Canadian based Existence Records is paying tribute to this now classic ethno-electronic hit with sixteen new remixes from over a dozen Djs around the world. The Existence remixes are available online as of February 26th, and can initially be purchased at Beatport. There are also plans for release of a limited edition CD later this year.

Despite that these 16 remixes are of the same song, each Dj infuses their own distinct sound, resulting in some of the best Sweet Lullaby remixes to date. Listeners wanting something electronically colorful and sweet-sounding should check out the remixes by Rai, Belfi, Kwitek, Leron (Chill Mix) and both remixes from Xara. Those in the mood for something more trancey with harder beats will want to try the Elektroheadz, Monodrive, B as Deep and Deep Horizons remixes.

Each remix can be purchased individually online, so listen to the samples below or on Beatport and purchase only those remixes that you like.