Burn in Noise vs Desert Dwellers – The Sentient Fungi

‘We Stand’ Together.
‘We Stand’ as One!

This is the message Burn in Noise proclaims to the global psychedelic tribe with his brand new album.

Inspired by his international travels, numerous performances and unflinching desire to find the most mind-opening sounds, Burn in Noise presents an album of pure unadulterated psychedelic class, a Masterpiece in sonic travelling that reaches for the brightest future and activates consciousness at every technicolour turn.

Heartfelt attention to the finer details carries across the entire album as we get immersed into Burn in Noise’s amazing solo creations, plus collaborations with some very special friends. Altruism, Ace Ventura, Tristan, Electric Universe and Desert Dwellers each make notable appearances on this album and help showcase how effortlessly Burn in Noise can slip-and-slide his unique sounds between the varied styles of these amazing artists.

Beyond the auditory collaborations Burn in Noise is also very happy to collaborate with the ground breaking visionary artist, Android Jones, whose artwork ‘Terra Cuda’ has been used as the album’s powerful cover art.

‘We Stand’ is a perfectly crafted collection of musical moments that will transport you to new places within yourself, while uniting so many around you. United, We Stand!

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