The song is a tribute; a fresh arrangement of “Nassama Alayna El Hawa,” which translates to “the air breezed upon us.” Originally penned by the Rabhani brothers and popularized by the Lebanese diva, Fairuz, it has become an anthem to Arabic peoples displaced by war and forced to emigrate, people who are no longer able to return to the land of their ancestors. It sings nostalgically to the air, the breeze, the wind, asking it to take them home.

Desert Dwellers’ Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe re-imagine the iconic piece using vocalist Meagan Chandler to channel Fairuz’s power and majesty. Si Mullumby’s palm muted guitar is the cornerstone of a journey that begins shrouded in mystery, only to be revealed as a full-on dance anthem with flair and relish courtesy of longtime collaborator Lynda Arnold on flute.

Album Cover Artwork: Javiera Estrada | Mastering by Gregor –