With the Global Eclipse approaching, Desert Dwellers have gathered and compiled a stunning collection of deep, subsonic grooves calling to the masses celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime celestial event. On August 14th, one week before a total solar eclipse will be visible across a wide band of the United States, Desert Trax releases Antumbral Shadow, a jaw-dropping 25-track compilation of some of the best international artists spanning psychedelic chill-out, glitch, house, techno, bass, and ambient tunes.

Dive into numerous unreleased tracks from artists like Kaminanda, Mystral, Zen Baboon, Somatoast, I Awake, Luke Mandala, Liquid Bloom + Numatik, PheuZen, Moon Frog, and many others, as well as newly minted originals from international chill out legends like Entheogenic, Carbon Based Lifeforms, and Origin. Embrace brand new interpretations of Desert Dwellers tunes from artists like CloZee, LuSiD, and Treavor Moontribe, and a brand new unreleased remix of Poranguí by AtYyA. These mysterious and deep soundscapes were gathered by Amani & Treavor of Desert Dwellers with this celestial celebration in mind, to help you navigate your optimal Eclipse journey. As the sun is engulfed and time stand stills, so too will you transcend into the spaces between shadows.